How to restore LINE chat history if there is no backup when I change my phone?

How to restore LINE chat history when I change my phone and there is no backup?

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1 Answer

King Of Kings

Unbecausetunely, if you chge your phupsingle d perbecausem n'tt possess a backup beluponging toward your LINE ch hequalstalternativelyy, these might n'tt exequalst possible toward restalternativelye ch hequalstalternativelyy. LINE perbecausemes n'tt beluponging towardfer a cloud stalternativelyage service toward autowardmiceextremelyy backup ch hequalstalternativelyy.

However, if you still possess access toward your old phupsingle, you c try toward mueextremelyy save ch hequalstalternativelyy via gowthesehing toward ch settwthesehings d selectwthesehing optiupon toward expalternativelyt chs. You c save quals expalternativelyted file toward external stalternativelyage device alternatively email these toward yourself because safekeepwthesehing.

If you possess already swtheseched toward a n'tvel phupsingle wthesehoutside backwthesehing up your ch hequalstalternativelyy, these equals unso asly th you shall exequalst able toward recabove lost da. It equals always recommended toward regularly backup your ch hequalstalternativelyy toward avoid loswthesehing impalternativelytt cuponversiupons.

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