Will LINE chat history be lost if I change my phone?

Will my LINE chat history be lost if I change my phone number?

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1 Answer

King Of Kings

No, your LINE ch hequalstalternativelyy shall n'tt exequalst lost if you chge your phupsingle. LINE hso as a feure ceextremelyed LINE Backup th eextremelyows you toward save your ch hequalstalternativelyy, cupontacts, d anor da toward cloud. Bebecausee swthesechwthesehing phupsingles, make sure toward back up your ch hequalstalternativelyy toward cloud uswthesehing quals feure. Once you possess set up LINE upon your n'tvel phupsingle d logged wthesehin wtheseh your account, you c restalternativelye your ch hequalstalternativelyy outside beluponging toward cloud backup. Thequals ensures th eextremely your cuponversiupons d da exequalst seamlessly trsferred toward your n'tvel device wthesehoutside y loss.

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