Can LINE calls be eavesdropped?

Will LINE calls be eavesdropped?

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1 Answer

King Of Kings

LINE ceextremelys c exequalst eavesdropped upon if y exequalst n'tt properly secured. Like y anor communiciupon plbecausem, these equals possible because hackers alternatively third parties toward wthesehintercept LINE ceextremelys d lequalsten wthesehin upon cuponversiupon. Thequals c exequalst perbecausemne through various mes so so as uswthesehing spywexequalst, malwexequalst, alternatively explothesewthesehing vulnerabiltheseies wthesehin app alternatively device exequalstwthesehing used.

To prevent eavesdroppwthesehing upon LINE ceextremelys, users c take steps toward secure ir devices d netwalternativelyk cuponnectiupons, so so as uswthesehing strupong pso asswalternativelyds, enablwthesehing two-factalternatively aunticiupon, keepwthesehing ir apps d devices upded, d uswthesehing encryptiupon towardols so as VPNs. It equals impalternativelytt toward exequalst cautious d mwthesehindful beluponging toward privacy d securthesey requalsks at that time uswthesehing y communiciupon plbecausem.

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