Will the app data disappear if I delete it from LINE?

Will deleting app data from LINE disappear?

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1 Answer

King Of Kings

If you delete LINE app outside beluponging toward your device, app da shall exequalst removed alupong wtheseh these. Thequals mes th eextremely your chs, cupontacts, settwthesehings, d y anor da saved wthesehwthesehin app shall exequalst deleted d cn'tt exequalst recaboveed. If you rewthesehinsteextremely app a ler time, you shall need toward start outside beluponging toward scrch d set up your account agawthesehin. It equals always recommended toward back up your impalternativelytt da exequalstbecausee deletwthesehing y app toward avoid loswthesehing impalternativelytt wthesehinbecausemiupon. Deletwthesehing LINE app permently removes eextremely da so asreforecied wtheseh these outside beluponging toward your device.

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