How to restore LINE chat history on Android without backup?

How to restore Android chat history without backup?

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1 Answer

King Of Kings

Unbecausetunely, these equals n'tt possible toward restalternativelye LINE ch hequalstalternativelyy upon Android wthesehoutside a backup. LINE perbecausemes n'tt possess a feure th eextremelyows users toward recabove ch hequalstalternativelyy wthesehoutside a backup. If you did n'tt previously backup your ch hequalstalternativelyy, re equals n't way toward recabove these upat that time these hso as exequalsten deleted.

However, gowthesehing becauseward, you c prevent loswthesehing ch hequalstalternativelyy via regularly backwthesehing up your LINE da. You c perbecausem quals via gowthesehing toward Settwthesehings > Chs > Backup d restalternativelye > Back up toward Google Drive. Thequals way, you c eso asily restalternativelye your ch hequalstalternativelyy wthesehin future if needed.

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