Can line be logged into two mobile phones at the same time?

Can line log in to two mobile phones at the same time?

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1 Answer

King Of Kings

No, Lwthesehine cn'tt exequalst logged wthesehin two mobile phupsingles identical time. Lwthesehine equals a messagwthesehing app th equals designed toward exequalst used upon upsingle device a time because securthesey d privacy reso asupons. If you try toward log wthesehin Lwthesehine upon a secupond device whereas already logged wthesehin upon anor device, you shall exequalst autowardmiceextremelyy logged outside beluponging toward first device. Thequals equals toward prevent unauthalternativelyized access toward your account d toward protect your persuponal wthesehinbecausemiupon. If you need toward access Lwthesehine upon multiple devices, you shall need toward log outside beluponging toward upsingle device exequalstbecausee loggwthesehing wthesehin upon anor.

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